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We have presence across the UK, with 50+ organisations from the industry regularly participating in joint initiatives to support LGBT+ inclusion. Through creating visibility, enabling collaboration and improving engagement, our work has had a positive impact across the industry through:

  • Raising awareness about LGBT+ matters;

  • Supporting and encouraging LGBT+ and Ally role models;

  • Embedding the importance of creating LGBT+ inclusive workplaces;

  • Aiding recruitment and retention within the industry; and

  • Improving member company’s procurement and work winning.


Our objectives:

  1. To enable cross-industry collaboration, to drive initiatives to build a more LGBT+ inclusive industry.

  2. To support other organisations within the industry in setting up and maintaining their LGBT+ employee networks.

  3. To promote the industry to university / college students and early career professionals as an LGBT+ inclusive place to work.

  4. To make LGBT+ inclusion a Boardroom topic, encouraging LGBT+ and Ally role models from the top down.

  5. To encourage, influence and enable the supply chain to create more LGBT+ inclusive working environments on site and in other work spaces.

Our initiatives:

  • UK-wide pride events: National Student Pride and Sparkle Weekend: Transgender Pride. Other pride events include Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, London, Leeds, Manchester, Northern Pride and Salford

  • Regional Industry Events: to bring the industry together to discuss key equality, diversity and inclusion and LGBT+ issues,  as a means to enable cross-industry collaboration to implement positive change

  • Outreach days: providing information to the general public on the construction industry and specifically highlighting its accessibility to LGBT+ individuals

  • Cross-company network mentorship: a designated mentor to new or perspective members to assist in developing and establishing company LGBT+ networks

  • Reverse mentorship scheme: to enable senior staff to understand barriers to LGBT+ staff both inside and outside the industry 

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