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2023 Calendar

The following calendar outlines the anniversaries and milestones of awareness, remembrance and celebration which Building Equality plan to commemorate this year in the form of initiatives, campaigns or events. A pdf version of this calendar can be downloaded here:

Last update: 05-Apr-2023

LGBT+ History Month
6th - 12th Feb
Race Equality Week (UK)
1st Mar
Zero Discrimination Day
31st Mar
International Trans Day of Visibility
26th Apr
Lesbian Visibility Day
24th - 30th May
Lesbian Visibility Week
10th May
Mental Health Awareness Week
15th - 21st May
Mental Health Awareness Week
17th May
International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT)
19th May
Agender Pride Day
24th May
Pan Visibility Day
Pride Month
28th Jun
Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots
14th Jul
International Non-Binary People Day
16th Jul
International Drag Day
5th Sep
International Day of Charity
10th Sep
World Suicide Prevention Day
16th - 22nd Sep
Bi Awareness Week
23rd Sep
Bi Visibility Day
Black History Month
10th Oct
World Mental Health Day
11th Oct
National Coming Out Day
17th Oct
Spirit Day
18th Oct
International Pronouns Day
23rd - 29th Oct
Ace Week (Asexual Awareness Week)
26th Oct
Intersex Awareness Day
6th Nov
Trans Parent Day
8th Nov
Intersex Day of Remembrance
13th - 17th Nov
Anti-Bullying Week
13th - 19th Nov
Trans Awareness Week
20th Nov
Trans Day of Remembrance
1st Dec
World AIDS Day
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