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Call for Evidence - Toilet Provision Consultation

Updated February 2021

At the end of 2020 the UK Government launched a consultation call-for-evidence on the provision of toilets for men and women. Building Equality felt that both the content and the tone of the consultation was biased towards a specific outcome and we felt compelled to respond and provide evidence to challenge the implications of the consultation. 

Developed by Luke Kolbohm at BDP with the support of submissions of evidence from our member organisations, the Executive Committee submitted the following response document in February 2021. 


Our response


Whom it may concern, 


The Department for Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government called for technical comments for the open consultation on toilet provision for men and women. As an alliance of over 60 construction, engineering and built environment organisations driving LGBTQ+ inclusion, Building Equality, requested technical and best practice design evidence from our member organisations (see page 5) on the benefits of gender neutral toilets provision and inclusive design.


Evidence has been extracted from both how we design and create inclusive environments for our own people, in our own member organisations, but also in the project work we deliver for our clients, in designing the UK built environment - using inclusive design practices.


As construction, engineering and built environment professionals, we believe in removing barriers to equal participation and inclusion – this includes toilet provision. Through an interdisciplinary and inclusive design approach, we can, and are creating inclusive places, which accommodate all non-conforming bodies – people of different ages, genders, races, faiths, and disabilities. 


We believe, in order to lead this conversation effectively, this consultation needs to be championed by architects, engineers, built environment professionals and subsequent specialist sub-contractors who are not only experts in this area but design these spaces on a day-to-day basis. 


We therefore share the attached response to both dispute the claims made in the consultation review and in turn provide technical evidence, context, identify opportunities, address challenges and share best practice design strategies that promote inclusivity for all.


Yours faithfully, 

Building Equality - Executive Committee

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