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Winter Social: Their Time to Sparkle

November 2022


















Their Time to Sparkle Sign.jpg

In the midst of an Amber weather warning for rain, or as we like to call it, typical Manchester weather, we gathered at BDP’s Manchester Studio for our Winter Social, Their Time to Sparkle.


This year, like others, the Greater Manchester region has been committed to celebrating trans joy and supporting Sparkle, the national trans charity. We currently live in a turbulent country where gender politics have made their way to the forefront, jeopardising trans rights. We couldn’t sit back and not support our trans friends, family and colleagues during this time. We wanted to create a safe space event where allies could learn more about the trans community and their experiences, and offer trans folk a space to be seen and embraced.

Their Time to Sparkle Event.jpg

Kicking off the event, we showcased three profound short films from Sarah Jenny Johnson that followed the transition of Elijah, a proud Manchester trans man. The films, filmed over a few days every few years from 2016, gave us an insight into the journey of someone finding their true self, a story that resonates across the trans community. If you missed the event, or even just want to watch them again, you can watch the first two films here: Part 1 & Part 2.

After the films, both Sarah and Elijah gave the audience an opportunity to ask personal and ‘bigger picture’ questions. It was great to see the audience interact and ask questions about the films, how to be better allies and how to navigate through the healthcare system as a trans person.

Their Time to Sparkle Film.jpg
Their Time to Sparkle QA.jpg
Their Time to Sparkle Quiz.jpg

After a quick networking break, we settled down for our Big Gay Quiz. Hosted by the hilarious Miss Tiara, we were left in stitches as we laughed our way through the LGBTQIA+ questions. Miss Tiara, a Scouse trans woman and former drag queen turned personality DJ, brought so much joy with her.

Do you know how to pronounce Homomonument?

No, she didn’t either.

Know where the statue stands?

Some people did know that, but maybe because it was multiple choice.

(The Homomonument commemorates people in the LGBTQIA+ community persecuted because of their sexual orientation in Amsterdam.)

Rounding up the night, we’re pretty sure that everyone who took part in the quiz ended up taking a prize home, whether it was a £10 voucher, a boobie prize or some cheese left over from the Christmas style buffet.


All money raised from the ticket sales is being donated to Sparkle for the National Trans Memorial in Sackville Gardens which was destroyed over Pride Weekend. If you missed the event or just want to support us in our campaign, we've opened up a Just Giving page where you can donate until the end of the year.


The Greater Manchester Region are now off to hibernate but look out for events happening in February for LGBTQIA+ History Month!

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