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Trans Allyship Toolbox Talk Launch

November 2023

We’re proud to announce the upcoming launch of our Trans Allyship Toolbox Talk and resource later this month for Trans Awareness Week. (Monday 13th – Sunday 19th) Over the past 8 months, people from across the Built Environment industry have come together to develop the presentation and resource pack to help companies inform their staff about supporting the trans community. 

The presentation looks back at the history of the trans community, the negative media coverage, trans experiences & how to be a better active ally and advocate. 

Trans Toolbox Talk Website.png

Signing up to the event is free, although if you’d like to include a donation, we’re raising money for the Mindfulness in School Project (MiSP) in memory of Brianna Ghey. Brianna was murdered in February in a town outside of Warrington and her mother, Esther, is supporting the charity's latest campaign to reduce the risk of this happening again to another young person. Their Peace in Mind campaign aims to raise enough money to fund sending teachers from Warrington on MiSP training courses which it is hoped will allow them to better support children of all ages. 


Our mission is to create an LGBTQIA+ inclusive Built Environment Industry, by raising awareness about LGBTQIA+ matters, supporting and encouraging the voices of LGBTQIA+ and ally role models and aiding with the recruitment and retention of LGBTQIA+ staff within the industry.


Over the years since our formation in 2015, we’ve used our collective experiences from our member organisation to help tackle LGBT-phobia, tokenisms and microaggressions on our sites and in our offices. We’ve already produced the Building Equality LGBT+ Inclusion Toolbox Talk and a national poster campaign, and now we’re focusing our attention on supporting our trans and non-binary colleagues and advocating for their right to live their authentic lives.


Sign up here!


After the event, the recording, presentation slides and resource pack will be added to our Resources page for everyone to use. 

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