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Trans Day of Visibility 2023

March 2023


















Our speakers have kindly shared their experiences either through being trans or exploring how we can design more inclusive places, showing us a positive and realistic representation of the trans community in our built environment industry. 


We hope that the virtual event has provided our trans and gender diverse colleagues, friends and family an opportunity to feel seen and know that they are surrounded by allies during this terrible time of constant transphobic attacks from the media. 

This Trans Day of Visibility, we've brought together people from our industry to celebrate trans and gender diverse people and raise awareness of discrimination faced by trans people worldwide. 

"As a trans-person it's great and heartening to see this event happening, and the community coming together to pool  our knowledge and strength."

"Labels are amazing and powerful when a person chooses them for themselves, and restricting and harmful when imposed upon someone else."

"Incredibly inspiring for everyone, thanks for sharing the messaging that we have to be brave and for encouraging us to be ourselves!!"

Comments left during the Webinar

We are proud sponsors of Sparkle, the National Transgender Charity, whose monument in Sackville Gardens, Manchester, stands as a memorial to all the trans people we have tragically lost. 

Last summer, during Manchester Pride, the monument was sadly damaged and burnt. We have raised and donated money to creating a new monument, which ARUP have been consulting on. You can find out more about the Online National Transgender Memorial Consultation here and if you're creative or know anyone who is, the design submission is 7th May 2023. 


Following on from our webinar, here are more resources to help you either in your gender journey or to stand in solidarity....

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